Kindle in negative mode

It is very expensive print the real book with white letters on a black background, but with ebook readers it could easily be possible.

So i wrote an email to the Kindle feedback service:

Dear Amazon,
i’m an italian user of kindle 3.
Is it possible to read on kindle in a negative mode, with white letters and black background?
If not, could it be possible in the future?
Best Regards

and they replied me:

Hello, I’m sorry, currently its not possible to view books in negative mode on Kindle device. We’re regularly working on improvements to your Kindle experience. I’ve let the Kindle team know you’re interested in this feature. etc etc

Ok i’m awaiting this useful feature.


How to receive emails in kindle home page without using the experimental browser

Hi people,

first of all you need 2 email addresses, for example: and

Allow to send documents to at “manage your kindle” page.

Go to gmail options and set this rule: IF subject is “” FORWARD to “”

The sender must write the email content in a text editor and save the file as .txt or .html or other file type accepted by Amazon (for example message.html)

Than the sender should send the email to with as subject and the message.html as attachment.